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Master Apprentice Kim Bantum, Martial Arts Instructor

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Master Apprentice Kim Bantum

4th Degree Black Belt

Great instructors are among the ones who excel in not only the knowledge of their craft, but also their execution in helping students excel in that craft. Ms. Bantum is among the absolute "Best of the Best" when it comes to instructors. Kim comes from a foundation of elite level athletics. She was a world class gymnast in her youth for many years, which then led to her becoming a gymnast coach. Those attributes carried over to her martial arts career and benefited greatly, specifically in the GTMA traditional divisions, and the GTMA Creative and Xtreme divisions.

She posses a gift in grooming exceptional athletes, but even more so, exceptional human beings. Bantum has had the privilege in working with hundreds of students whom have achieved multiple State, District, and World Championship titles, among them, being her daughter Ms. Paige Bantum.

She is currently a 4th Degree Black Belt Certified Instructor under GTMA International (Global Traditional Martial Arts). Providing a great facility to help students reach their best potential, with a quality staff always at the ready, Bantum sees to it that every student and family blossoms with the unlimited benefits that is Quest Martial Arts.

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